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Braindead : Libertalia
Buried Option : Downward
Cardiac Arrest : In the mouth of madness
Common Cause : Statement of purpose
Crippled Old Farts : Free drinks in hell
Dayglo Abortions : Feed US.A. foetus
The Decline! : 12A. Calvary road.
Discharge : War is hell
Dr Know : Killing for god
The Filaments : Land of lions
Heresy : Face up to it!
Inner Terrestrials : Tales of terror
Joy Division : Closer
Kadavar : st
Kuro : Hardcore damnation 1983/1986
Lärm : Extreme noise
Last Night : st
Night Birds : The other side of darkness
Night Birds : Born to die in suburbia
The Offspring : st
The Shaking Hands : st
Saints & Sinners : Stand by to board
Salut Les Anges : 365 révolutions
Skitsystem : Allt e skit
Stupids : Peruvian vacation
Stupids : The kids don’t like it…
Unwelcome Guests : Don’t go swimming
Victims : A dissident
Violent Arrest : Distorted view
VA : Ens fa pudor la boca!


Ciminal Code : Salvage
Komplikations : Going down
Outreau : st
Piss Test : st
Rash Tongue : st


Sordid/Ship : Tales from the beach


Fucked Up + Photocopied: The Instant Art of the Punk Rock Movement